Hello: St Andrews

Well all was spiffy with the preparations with our teams up until the point we lost a member. Each team must have 4 participants and unfortunately, through a situation beyond control, one of the LSOM members had to withdraw.

Well October 13th is two weeks away and we desperately need a replacement team member. Please reach deep and help us out.

There are perks in joining us 

 – free Tee Shirt (to keep)
– free breakfast & lunch 
– riotous fun for a few hours 
–  a warm glow from helping out 
–  stress free exercise for the mind & body

Please join us for a day of smiles, laughs and groans which supports a great cause.  Hope Clothing                                        

“Team”  Light Side of the Moon: 

Team” I am a cheeky Monkey; 

 Join us please……..Rob