Being the church together means that we take care of one another and that we reach out in practical ways into our community and into a larger world. This is what we call the ministry of the church and it is something that belongs to all of the people of the church (not just the ordained Minister of Word and Sacrament).

You are certainly invited to be a part of this vital work. But please note that we are not just looking for volunteers to fit certain slots in the organization. We are looking for people who will join us as we work together to share Christ’s love in practical ways. You won’t just be another volunteer; you will be a part of a mutually supportive team.These are some of the key areas where we are always looking for team members:

  • Thursday night community suppers
  • Self help food bank
  • Deacons group (which brings pastoral care to the people in the congregation and their families)
  • Sunday School
  • Short term projects and missions

Please contact us if you are looking for ways to be involved.

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