Cambridge 2018 – 5th Annual

               Saturday October 13th, 2018

 I am honored to announce that St Andrews Hespeler is once again entered in the Race to Erase sponsored by the YWCA of Cambridge.

We have 4 teams vying for the bragging rights to who has raised the most donations for Hope Clothing. They are (in my order of preference)

The Light Side of the Moon – Rob, Scott , Linda & Lynn

I am a Cheeky Monkey  Joanne, Jean, Cynthia & Sharon

The Ladies of Hope     Karen and her posse

Youda Coulda Shouda     Members of the Hespeler Legion

All of these teams are actively gathering donations and as always 100% goes to Hope Clothing to run this critical mission. If you see team members please donate to this great event and cause.

There is more info on the Race to erase site –

Thank you Rob H.