Hello St. Andrews’

From April 16 to June 26, Rev. Scott will be observing his first Inter-mission.  This leave, has been available since 1995 to Ministers that have five years of service in a church. Until recently this was not commonly observed by Ministers. As you know from news and first-hand, stress is a major trauma in any society, industry, organization and the church. You certainly know that churches around the world are in a period of rapid change. Session has endorsed this Inter-mission in concordance with the Presbyterian Church in helping Ministers cope with the pressures of ministry.

The April Session Meeting established a plan of action to enable the day-to-day function of the church remain attentive to the needs of all.  A plan that attempts to have the who, what, when taken care of.  The Church Office (Jan & Joni) will be focused on delivering their representative functions and need to have time to complete them. Please try to spare their precious time so they can deliver the best in the next 10 weeks.

The Church Office will continue to be open as before 9:00 am to Noon daily.  The change will be that Tuesdays and Thursdays a volunteer greeter will be in place to take messages and arrange for answers to any questions. The greeters may not have the answers you need but will try to pass your request to someone who will get back to you. Your patience will be greatly appreciated.  Phone calls to the office on Tuesday & Thursday will go the voice mail – your call will be returned at a future date.

Session is aware this change will cause some delays in responding to requests.  In no way will the pastoral care ministry be affected by the inter-mission. Initiatives have been implemented to have a primary and backup Ministers available to meet emergency needs. By all means call one of the Ministers, the Church Office, the Clerk of Session or any Session Elder for help. We are committed to help our church family throughout the Inter-mission.
In delivering this plan we hope that the congregation will find a small change to the day-to-day operations. If you would like to volunteer for the greeter duties call Rob Hodgson @ 519-658-5237.

 Shown below is the Intermission Calendar of Pastoral Care, Office Greeters and Scheduled Preachers for worship

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