Hello St Andrews

It is my great pleasure to announce that meat pies are back! Here are the deets.  The order window is open now until April 28th. There is a sample order sheet below and there will be many opportunities to pick one up at the church too. Kindly spread the word so everyone gets a chance to order these “good as homemade pies.” 

I have some news too – I’m working with a company in Guelph called Portions that have a pretty wide variety of gluten-free, peanut-free, dairy free, egg free and soy-free entrees prepackaged and frozen. They are deeply committed to providing exceptional quality for those that have dietary restrictions. If you are someone or know someone that would like to try some of their meals they are easily contacted. The really good news in the very near future I may be able to offer these meals directly to you. They are looking at providing a special price offer for St Andrews.  All the details are not worked out at this time. When I have the details we will have another tasting opportunity to sample their products.

Just a reminder 100% of the proceeds goes to St Andrew’s in our second year of fundraising to beat the deficit.  Buon Gusto!


To view a larger size copy double click on picture