Sunday, February 26, 2017

Reverend McAndless constituted the meeting with a prayer, followed by a hymn sung by all.
Rev. Scott McAndless welcomes the congregation and opened the meeting.
Steve Marsh was introduced as the M.C. for the annual meeting. Rob Hodgson was introduced as secretary of the annual meeting.
Ray Godin moved and  Karen Nixon seconded that Steve Marsh and Rob Hodgson be approved as M.C. and Secretary accordingly. CARRIED.
Allison Cann moved and  Peter Moyer seconded that the minutes of the 160th annual meeting of St. Andrew’s Hespeler Presbyterian Church held on February 28, 2016, be adopted as with one correction. Page 5 of the 2016 Annual Report – “Cynthia MacDonald moved that 2015 budget, should read 2016 budget.  CARRIED.
Rob Hodgson presented the report of the Kirk Session for 2016.
The congregation heard from representatives of church committees and groups about celebration achievements in 2016, special services, as well as valuable support that individuals/volunteers provided. Presentations were provided by:
·         Music & Worship – Mary Forbes – M&W  and Corey Cotter Linforth – Music
·         Fellowship Video – Thank You
·         Mission and Outreach – Peter Moyer and Elaine McLean -co/chairs
·         Beth McIntosh Group – n/a
·         Athalie Read Group – n/a
·         Operations –  Vern Platt – overview & Thank You
·         Christian Education – Video
·         Hespeler Place of New Hope – Karen Kincaid  overview
·         Report on Financial Review _ Vern Platt [acknowledgment of Vern Platt and Patrice Wappler]  financial oversight
·         Finance Committee Report
Bob Neath moved and  Joanne Waugh seconded that the Finance Committee’s Report for 2016 including the General Fund, Capital Purchase Fund, Hope Clothing, Christian Education Fund, Organ Fund, F.A.S.T. Fund, Mission Fund, Presbyterian Sharing, Endowments Fund and other funds be adopted as written and printed in the 161st Annual Report. CARRIED.
·         Budget 2017 – Ray Godin
The 2017 Budget was presented at a separate financial meeting that was held on February 22, 2017. Ray Godin provided an overview of the Finance Committee Report for those people who were not able to attend the financial meeting.

Vern Platt moved and Carol Jones seconded that the 2017 Budget be adopted as presented in the Annual Report. CARRIED.
·         Presbyterians Sharing – Video
Don Paddock moved and Bill Pettit seconded that the Congregation accept, but not guarantee the allocation of $18,200 as our fair share of Presbyterian Sharing for 2017. Inclusive of the proviso that periodic audits throughout 2017 be entertained.  CARRIED.
·         Appointment of Trustees for 2017
Vern Platt expressed appreciation on behalf of the congregation to the Trustees who have served in 2016 including Gary Stewart, Bill Winser and Glen Nixon.
Vern Platt moved and  Patrice Wappler seconded that as a congregation, we accept Gary Stewart, Bill Winser and Glen Nixon, being members in full communion of the congregation, as Trustees of St. Andrews’s Hespeler Presbyterian congregation in 2017, to hold office until successors have been selected to replace them, to hold the property of the congregation, and to borrow money upon instruction of the congregation. CARRIED.
·         Appointment for 2017 financial review
Joanne Waugh moved and Perter Moyer seconded that Vern Platt and Patrice Wappler be appointed to conduct a review of the financial records of the congregation and to report to the 162nd Annual Meeting.  Carried
·         Other Business
Rob Hodgson – expressed sincere appreciation for Ray Godin dedicated service to the church. Further, Rob expressed sincere thanks to Jane Neath, who came on board in 2015 to work closely with the Office Administrator, Treasurer, and Bookkeeper.
·         A request to post the list of Deacons/Elders assigned to Districts be available a.s.a.p.
·         No other business was brought forward.
·         Memorial for those who have passed since the last annual meeting
Reverend McAndless read the list of names of those loved ones who passed away since the last annual meeting.
·         Adjourn
Karen Kincaid moved that the 161st Annual Meeting be adjourned.
The Prayer and Benediction was pronounced by Reverend McAndless.