In 2009 Rev. Jeff  Veenstra inquired if I would replace the retiring Clerk of Session. I can’t remember why I did not attend Session the next time after that, but he informed me that it was unanimous and I was the new Clerk.  That’s when I realized I had no idea what that really meant. Time passes and I realize I have no idea what I will do without being Clerk of Session. I am confident that if God can lead me to something he will also lead me through it. So I say so long, definitely not goodbye and expectantly await what my next adventure in life will be. Its been great being your Clerk!

 I’d like to announce that Bill Pettit will be the next Clerk of Session and I know you will treat him well like you always have for me.  You are in good hands.   

     p.s. Meat pie sales will be renewed in April – talk to you soon!