Hello St. Andrews!

This is a BIG thank you for your generosity to the Session Meat Pie fundraiser. The order window is now closed as Kerri Prong and her associates are building the orders. If you missed this time we will be reopening the process again in late winter 2017.

I’d like to recap what a success this fundraiser is.  There were 13 featured products available and 6 fruit pie alternatives. Many of you noticed the sweet pies were available and have already ordered them. The next order cycle will see the fruit pies featured and the meat pies still available. Featured in the merchandising trade usually means discounted prices – and yes they will be.

Here’s the early synopsis of how this will help St. Andrews achieve sustainable finances. 776 products were ordered in 71 individual orders with an estimated profit of $1,600. This goes directly to pay down the debt – 100% to the cause with 0% overhead.   
In development of this fundraiser there were a number of suggestions on additions to the traditional meat pie fare. If you have any requests for additions to the menu kindly tell me and we’ll see how this can be accomplished.

From me to you I humbly thank you for your support of St Andrews and will talk to you again in the New Year.

Rob Hodgson