Exciting news – the Wednesday Family Night group on October 19th, declared the meat pie tasting as hand-made.   ” They are very good, and the pastry tasted homemade” declared one of the participants. “Lots of good gravy” said another. Others in attendance agreed that the quality was top notch. 

We are about to launch a creative competition and tasting challenge after worship on the 30th. That day, I invite you to join the congregation, not only for our anniversary but to taste test meat pies from Nutritious and Delicious. AKA, Kerri Prong and Nancy Holbrook, who have been making pies for more than 20 years in Forest, Ontario. Additionally, someone will be the recipient of a pie in the face courtesy of the “small change ministry” recently started. The highlight of the day, in my humble opinion, will be the taste testing of meat pies, in assorted flavours.  These pies are currently for sale by a St. Andrew’s Session Fundraiser. We hope to revitalize a tradition that will lead to sustainable funding of this Church. 

If you have been missing meat pies like we used to make, I’d like to say these like homemade pies are the answer. Be here on the 30th for pies in the face and pies yummy in your tummy. Please share the news about this fundraiser – a lot of people, not just Presbyterians ate a lot of meat pies, back in the day!