“The meat pie fundraiser that will knock your socks off”

I have received the go-ahead from Session on the plan, for at least 1,200 meat pies for pickup November 26 to 28, 2016. 
Our sales marketing scheme will start on October 23rd and run until November 13th. Last time we sold pies we completed orders for 1,440 (2014). Order forms will be available @ Fellowship on the 23rd of October. 

The sweet pie tasting scheduled for October 30th is now officially a savory pie tasting of our sale products. Please, sample selections available from the menu at Fellowship on the 30th or the Family Supper on the 19th.
Here what’s taking place:
  1. Assorted pies  served @ Wednesday Family supper October 19th.
  2. Invite as many people as possible to experience the quality @ fellowship on the October 30th.
  3. Access the results and comments
  4. Move to the sales marketing strategy as outlined.

This fundraiser is one of the four Session designated events planned to achieve sustainability of our finances.

Many of you will remember the price point from St Andrews last foray into meat pie sales in 2014. Most everyone knows that prices have increased significantly on groceries since then. Beef alone has increased at least 14% in the last year alone. As you might expect beef is the largest expense in a fundraiser like this. Every single item used has increased to some degree or other. Prices will be higher – we simply cannot match the older prices due to the new economic realities. BUT…the prices are cheaper than retail and we will raise monies to pay down the debt. The good news here is we can run this fundraiser every; month, 6 months or semi-annual and still offer you below retail costs!  


·        The Roasted Beef and Roasted Turkey are swimming in delicious gravy with potatoes, peas, corn and carrots.

·        The Lean ground beef with mushroom and onion is encased in delectable gravy.

·        The Shepherd’s Pie (no pastry) made with lean ground beef & vegetables, is blanketed with creamy seasoned potatoes.

·        Crustless Quiche- delightful and filling with a choice of ham or veggie, both include -onions, broccoli, cheese.
·        Turkey Tapa- 10” wood oven thin crust topped with a hearty mixture of caramelized onion, roasted turkey and tangy sauce – delicious on its own or top it with you favorite additions

·        Our Fruit Pies are made the old fashioned way- with the freshest fruits and delicately sweetened to perfection all 9” 

·        Our selection of Home-style Soups will warm the soul with the choice of six varieties. (no details just yet)

·        Meat pies are available @ 9” size 



           The details on how the magic happens will be  a secret until you sample the menu at one of the tastings.  You could be surprised!

  This is the before picture.