Just a  note to confirm that the Congregation has been made aware of the imminent re-roofing of the newer section of the church. The shingles have exceeded their lifetime after 12 years. Before we have water damage we are being pro-active to move in the summer when working and a satisfactory “seal” can be achieved before the cold of winter.

Session approved in June the roof quote, for the newer section of the church, from Thompson Roofing Inc. in the amount of $19,549.00 including HST and dated October, 2nd 2015. This has been confirmed as the lowest quote of three  by Operations.  Thompson Roofing has completed work for the church previously (to our satisfaction) and that they will honour the October, 2nd 2015 quote.

  • Thompson Roofing  included a statement indicating all employees are covered by Workers Compensation and are fully insured. 
  • The shingles being used are stated as Gaf Timberline HD shingles with Timbertex Ridge Capping. Their quote indicates shingles have a lifetime warranty and includes a transferable 10-year guarantee to workmanship.
  • The funds to cover this project are: 

    the HST residue of funds on hand of +/- $14,200.00 from the Share the Wealth project; (2) approx. $3,400.00 from Capital Endowment fund; (3) any giving from the congregation or others for this project;  (4) There will be an HST  refund of about $1,200.00 in connection with this project; (5) $2,100 from the General Endowment fund income previously allocated by Session to the Video projection system, to be redirected to the roof project.

  • The work will start in July 2016.
  • The Operations Committee supports the above details. 
  • A modest additional cost (we would get an estimate in advance of moving forward)  of adding additional vents on the one side of the building to provide better air circulation is being examined but not confirmed.
for/ Session, Operations, and Stewardship
Rob Hodgson, COS