Introduction:   Body, Mind and Soul

Thinking together about human sexuality and sexual orientation in The Presbyterian Church in Canada

People throughout our denomination are wondering if there is a conflict between loving and affirming LGBTQ persons and being faithful to the Bible. Numerous commissioners at the 141st General Assembly expressed this struggle. Many have friends, neighbours, children or grandchildren who are gay or lesbian whom they love. They also believe that the Bible is “the standard of all doctrine,” the foundation of our ethics and the Word of God. Some faithful Christians aren’t even sure exactly what the Bible says or how to understand it. 

Saint Andrews Presbyterian Church Hespeler  “Body, Mind & Soul” study
When: Wed, January 20, 7:30pm – 8:30pm
Description:  We are holding a special study based on the document “Body, Mind and Soul: Thinking together about human sexual orientation in the Presbyterian Church in Canada.” We are holding this study to help us to understand the issues in order to feed back to the General Assembly as they try and formulate a path forward. The study will begin this week and continue on from there based on participation and how quickly we are able to work through the materials.