Place of New Hope Advisory Committee
November 17, 2015
Information on New Hope:

  1.  Applications for grants to two more funds have been filed.
  2. We have promises from approximately 10 people/families to support Hope Clothing, financially ($150 each) for 2016 & 2017. Still lots of time to join these supporters!
  3. Jane Neath will continue to research funds for grant purposes.
  4. The BIG push is on for community involvement/understanding/recognition/use of Hew Hope. Please spread the word.
  5. Please consider purchasing “Lisa’s Cookies” as a way for the volunteers of Hope Clothing to fund raise. They are an eager bunch who are pleased to accept the responsibility of growing their mission with your support. 
  6. There was an overabundance of clothing stored in the Fellowship Room. This has been sorted out and hopefully will not be repeated. The staff liaison for Hope Clothing is Joni Smith. In the future we would like to recommend that anyone who has inquiries, can contact Joni for info.
  7. Thank you for your patience as we grow.