We are very pleased to announce that a new communication channel will be available very shortly via our St. Andrews web page.  Session will implement a regularly updated page to announce changes that are being implemented on a monthly basis. We hope this will become a “go-to” area where you might get some answers. Our commitment to you is that there will be ongoing, informative, and regular updates.  The Blog will show archived posts as a side bar to further enhance communication from Session.

Some items of note:
·      The budget for 2016 is being formulated and we need your help to make some decisions for the future – consider dropping a note or email or better yet become directly involved.

·      The Annual General Meeting will be February 28, 2016

·      A task group of Session is evaluating and prioritizing expenditures and Session has put some projects on hold pending their detailed report.

·      A walk-a-thon in memory of Rev. Jeff Veenstra is being planned at this time to be held in 2016.

·      The Hespeler’s Place of New Hope Clothing is actively searching for funding and has applied for a number of grants for 2016. Help them with donations if you could for this critical mission of St. Andrews.

·      Joint Deacon/Elder meetings are ongoing monthly or so and through 2016. We are resolved to provide “best in field” service to you, our congregation on how best to meet your needs.  You may assume this is not an easy task and you would be right. Your prayerful thoughts are welcomed that we might discern the path to our goal.