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Meat Pie Details

Posted by on Monday, October 2nd, 2017 in Clerk of Session

The official order window is from October 1st to November 6th due to changes at our supplier. Normally we would have a longer run but in this era of changes in retail, they would like to help us but find they cannot because of their supplier changes. Please accept my apologies due to the changes but Kerri and the staff are part of a supply chain (as we are too). You may notice that the Tappa's are gone too - not a big seller. Most of the rest remains the same.

Please have your meat pie orders to me, the Church office or email me and we can work out the details.

NEW! orders will be accepted from October 1 - November 6 

 I cannot guarantee your order will be processed after the date shown.  What I can do is create an order cycle in December if there is enough demand.

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Posted by on Wednesday, September 27th, 2017 in Clerk of Session

Hello St. Andrews'  I am excited to announce the Meat Pie order desk is now open for your consideration.  The famously yummy meat pies will be available in November. Just in time for your extended families to try em out. Known in the greater Hespler area to be the best meat pie deal you can find. The prices are a bit lower AND a 5 % discount for orders over $200 is available. Order forms will be available very soon @ worship and from the church office. 

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Do no harm

Posted by on Tuesday, September 26th, 2017 in Clerk of Session

The “Do No Harm” Rules

DO NO HARM is a non-profit non-organization.

If you think you’re a member,
You’re a member.

If you think you’re not a member,
You’re an honorary member.

There are no dues or fees.
There are no donations.

There is no official language or terminology.
There are no approved or disapproved concepts.

There is nothing special that you must believe.
There is nothing special that you must do or not do.

But . . . do no harm.

ps.  Although not required, a sense of humor is helpful.
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St Andrews team entered in Race to Erase October 2017

Posted by on Wednesday, September 20th, 2017 in Clerk of Session

Race To Erase

An annual event where teams compete in fun-filled challenges throughout their community, all in support of local charities.

St. Andrews' Hespeler announces that the "Clothes Horses" are entered as the team to beat in the Race to Erase!  Our goal is to fundraise for Hope Clothing in the annual Waterloo Region competition on October 14th. All funds donated to the Clothes Horses go directly to Hope Clothing our missional charity.  Our goal this year is to raise at least $2,000. 

You can make this dream come true by:

1. Enter a team of four people - ask Joni about signing up

2. Donate now via this simple website

from the homepage select "team" and choose Clothes Horses - Jean Godin and donate
100% donation goes to Hope Clothing

3. Make a pledge Sunday @ fellowship where signup sheets will be available until Oct 8th

4. phone, email or grab Rob Hodgson anytime with your cash, pledge or support
519-658-5237  or    [email protected]     worship most Sundays

The more funds donated the better chance a select group can ride in a limo and you may win a Clothes Horse tee as above.

The single largest donation to the team "Clothes Horse" wins a Men's Medium tee as shown above.  Donate now and often all funds go to Hope Clothing 100%

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You can donate to St Andrews from home or on your phone app

Posted by on Wednesday, September 20th, 2017 in Clerk of Session

for online donations to St. Andrews

Look for the donate button on St Andrews site and pick your choice of General, Hope Clothing or Memorial Fund. Current fundraising campaigns can be assigned to the General tab. eg. pay down the debt campaign. Then just follow the directions on site. 

Current cost $0.30 per donation - a $10 donation sends $9.70 directly to St Andrew's AND  immediately sends a charitable receipt to your email address. easy, peasy and economical.

This site also allows anonymous donations and monthly payments if you wish too. 

Credit cards, Paypal accounts and ""  gift cards.

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St Andrews’ will field at least one team – grab some friends and join us!

Posted by on Monday, September 18th, 2017 in Clerk of Session

Image result for Race to Erase

Upcoming Races October 2018


Saturday, October 14th, 2017
The 4th Annual Race to Erase is back on October 14th, and you can help support a great local charity. Grab three friends, family members or co-workers to form a team of four today. Teams choose which charity they would like their funds to support and all the money raised goes to that local charity - 100% of funds received! Prizes are handed out to the top fundraisers.
On Race Day teams travel throughout their community, competing in a series of fun-filled challenges along the way. The team that finishes the challenges in the fastest time is crowned the Race to Erase champion. Note: this is not a running race! The challenges are a combination of savvy and smarts - no goofy shorts required.

100% of funds raised go directly to Hope Clothing

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Posted by on Monday, September 18th, 2017 in Clerk of Session

Related image

Just a heads up - this will be sent to Session in October for consideration

The M&O Committee has finalized the details for St Andrews’ international mission trip for 2018. We are recommending a co-ordinated mission trip through the Presbyterian Church of Canada. The bulk of the details inclusive of: travel, food and lodging, visa’s, insurance and many other details in Malawi, will be handled by the PCC. This co-ordination allows St. Andrews to join an existing ministry that offers greater security for travelers and out-source the logistical details to the professionals. In compliance with St. Andrews Mission trip policy we are recommending that Session review and approve this offering.

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May 2017 Meat Pie description and timeline

Posted by on Tuesday, April 11th, 2017 in Clerk of Session

·        The Roasted Beef and Roasted Turkey are swimming in delicious gravy with potatoes, peas, corn and carrots.

·        The Lean ground beef with mushroom and onion is encased in delectable gravy.

·        The Shepherd’s Pie (no pastry) made with lean ground beef & vegetables is blanketed with creamy seasoned potatoes.

·        Crust-less Quiche- delightful and filling with a choice of ham or veggie, both include -onions, broccoli, cheese.

·        Turkey Tapa- 10” wood oven thin crust topped with a hearty mixture of caramelized onion, roasted turkey and tangy sauce - delicious on its own or top it with you favorite additions.

·        Meat pies are available @ 5” size for $5.25 each

·        Meat pies are available @ 9” size for $14.00 each save $2

·     A selection of Home-style Soups will warm the soul with the choice of six varieties: Broccoli Supreme, Chicken Noodle, Spud’s and Bacon, Creamy Cauliflower, Tomato Tortellini and Vegetable Beef and Barley.

·           Soups are available in 360 ml. sizes for $5.25 each. or 6 for $30.
·       All Fruit Pies are made the old fashioned way- with the freshest fruits and delicately sweetened to perfection. (apple, cherry, blueberry, raspberry & pumpkin)

·        Fruit pies are available  9” size for $14.00 each
                                          5" size for  $5.25 each or 6 for $30                         
 Last possible date for order April 26.

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Hespeler Village Little Library

Posted by on Tuesday, April 11th, 2017 in Clerk of Session

Christian Education is sponsoring an addition to the St. Andrews grounds with the installation of the Hespeler Village Free Library.  If you are unfamiliar with free libraries, they are micro-libraries usually hand-made that offer a very limited selection of books to borrow. In our case CE is facilitating Christian and family oriented books for lending. Session has been assured that the integrity of offerings will be supervised at all times.  

In early May you can find it located near the Queen St. parking lot just adjacent to the doors into the foyer.  


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Meat Pies direct to you

Posted by on Monday, March 27th, 2017 in Clerk of Session

Hello St Andrews

It is my great pleasure to announce that meat pies are back! Here are the deets.  The order window is open now until April 28th. There is a sample order sheet below and there will be many opportunities to pick one up at the church too. Kindly spread the word so everyone gets a chance to order these "good as homemade pies." 

I have some news too - I'm working with a company in Guelph called Portions that have a pretty wide variety of gluten-free, peanut-free, dairy free, egg free and soy-free entrees prepackaged and frozen. They are deeply committed to providing exceptional quality for those that have dietary restrictions. If you are someone or know someone that would like to try some of their meals they are easily contacted. The really good news in the very near future I may be able to offer these meals directly to you. They are looking at providing a special price offer for St Andrews.  All the details are not worked out at this time. When I have the details we will have another tasting opportunity to sample their products.

Just a reminder 100% of the proceeds goes to St Andrew's in our second year of fundraising to beat the deficit.  Buon Gusto!

To view a larger size copy double click on picture

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