Crieff, Doon, Duffs, Knox & St. Andrews Summer Worship Experiment!

Congregations have often been left to sink or swim on their own. But, recognizing that, in the midst of the present struggles, we need to find creative ways to support one another, five congregations have chosen to try something different for the summer to see if it leads to new possibilities and creative solutions for the future.

We have decided to come together as one congregation during these weeks. We will worship in several church locations but worship as one.

We will provide live feeds and recordings of the services as local technology permits, but it is our hope that, as much as possible, everyone will attend together in person and we will make the most of the opportunity to get to know one another as siblings in Christ.

Next week we will have available Guide Books for the summer. In the Guide Book you will find the summer schedule, which church we are worshipping at and the directions to each church.

Watch for “Passports” for our children & young people, too.