In times together and times apart, we are on a six-week journey toward Easter.

Lent is a time to re-orient towards God and care for one another and Earth. It is a time when we might give something up or take something on as we explore themes of life, love, community and remembering. This week A rainbow provides a sign of a new beginning and God’s sustaining presence.

February 21 – Signs of Promise

Genesis 9:8–17 God’s promise to all creation

Read Genesis 9:8–17 or listen to the audio story “A Dove’s Story” or gather around as someone tells the story “A Rainbow Promise” that is in this week’s children’s activity leaflet.

After the rains ended and the floodwaters drained away, God made a promise to Noah, his family and all living things. God promised that a flood would not destroy Earth. While there are sometimes floods in parts of the world today, most of the time we welcome the rain that falls: it waters our crops and trees and flowers; washes away dirt from city streets and sidewalks; and fills reservoirs, underground aquifers, rivers and lakes with water. When there are rain clouds, we can often see the sign of God’s promise – a rainbow, created by sunlight shining through water droplets in the sky. Water is part of God’s creation. What commitment about water might we make? What might be a sign of that commitment?

Set out a pitcher of drinking water and a glass for each person.

  • Commit to helping care for Earth, beginning with respect for water. Then pour a glass of water for everyone. Drink the water or pour it on a plant or in a pet’s water bowl.
  • Cover a flashlight with tape, leaving a slit down the middle. In a dark room, place a tall glass full of water at the edge of a white sheet of paper. Shine the flashlight through the water, playing with the angle to create a rainbow on the paper.

Your dream for the world


  1. Form a circle.
  2. Each person takes a cup, one cup is half-filled with water.
  3. The person holding the cup of water pours the water into the cup held by the person to their left. They pour the water into the cup of the person to their left and so on, around the circle.
  4. As each person pours the water they say, “I dream of a world flowing with….” (and complete the sentence)

Make a Lent prayer jar

Decorate a jar with ribbon and a label with the words “prayer jar.” Use tongue depressors or craft sticks for names (and faces). You might want to paint or use a marker to colour each stick. Then use a black permanent marker to write the name of the person you are praying for. Or cut out a photo of that person and glue it to the top of the stick. You can add to your prayer jar throughout Lent. You might want to add images from the news, or a small map if you are praying for a specific part of the world. You might place this jar on your dining room table for prayer during meals or at your usual prayer spot.

Print this week’s children’s activity leaflet, which includes the story “A Rainbow Promise,” instructions for making a rainbow catcher, and an activity.

During the week

I have set my bow in the clouds, and it shall be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth.”

(Genesis 9:13)

Nature is full of promise – rainbows amid clouds promise the sun has emerged, buds promise new life, every morning is full of the promise of new beginnings.
Imagine yourself surrounded by promise and look for signs of it in the world around you.

Visit Lection ConnectionFebruary 21, for current events that connect with this week’s scriptures.

Prayer for each day

God, we thank you for your promise to all creation, and the rainbow sign to remind us.
Thank you for giving us life-giving water.
Help us to care for it. Amen.

Sing the song “To You O God”