This is our lesson for the week for our Holy Sherlock group, grades 4-6. Even if you don’t fall into this group, feel free to read & study it.

In times together and times apart, we are in community with the whole people of God.

The Season after the Epiphany offers time to explore a call from our old habits and into a fresh start. This week, accompanied by a story of some fishers, we settle into a new sense of call or a renewed sense of purpose.

January 24 – Coming through the Call

Mark 1:14–20 Jesus calls out to fishers as they work.

Read Mark 1:14–20 or Listen to the audio story “A Letter from Zebedee” or gather around as someone tells the story “Jesus’ New Friends” that is in this week’s children’s activity leaflet.

The call of the four fishers might be familiar. Jesus’ invitation was decisive, and the four had to choose and act immediately, Jesus calls us, as he called the four, to lives of discipleship.

List three things you would be thrilled to leave behind to follow Jesus and three things that would be hard to leave.

Create an advertising poster.

Without hesitation, the four fishers responded to Jesus call.
Create a poster that would encourage people to follow in the way of Jesus.

1. Think about what is compelling about Jesus that would have us seek to follow in his footsteps and want to learn from him.

2. Consider what lettering you might use, if a picture will be included, and where you will display the poster.

Print this week’s children’s activity leaflet, which includes the story “Jesus’ New Friends,” instructions to make a paper plate fish, a song, and colouring page.

Imagine that the disciples are sitting together beside a lake, talking about what had happened that day. Imagine how the disciples might have been feeling. Take turns finishing the following sentences:

“I am excited to join this adventure with Jesus because…” “I’m worried about following Jesus because…”

During the week

What would it be like to hear your name called out by someone unknown and yet to feel that voice is impossible to ignore? Jesus’ invitation to the four fishers was decisive, and the four chose to act immediately. There was no putting off Jesus! We make decisions each day, as individuals and as families, in a variety of ways and settings. In each situation, Jesus calls us to lives of discipleship.

  • Take a journey of adventure this week. Visit somewhere you have never been before. Or read about something you have never heard of before.
  • We cannot get up and follow the physical Jesus as did the first disciples. What does our following look like? Make a list of “following in the way of Jesus” and choose one for each day.

Play the song “Here in this Ordinary Place” throughout the week until everyone is joining in. (Available here for purchase and download.) Visit Lection ConnectionJanuary 24, for current events that connect with this week’s scriptures.

Prayer for each day

Inviting God,
you call us to follow.
Help us to receive and then share the good news of your love. Amen.