In times together and times apart, we celebrate God’s presence in all creation,in stories of our past and dreams for the future, our despair and praying.

November 22 – Do You See Me?

Matthew 25:31–46 The disciples, full of questions, want to know when the world will be full ofGod’s love, and what that world will look like.

Listen to the audio story “Imagine” or gather around as someone tells the story “The Queen who Felt thePeople’s Love

What does a world filled with God’s love look like?

*Create a list of people who may be hungry or thirsty, strangers to the area, people who are sick and lonely, and friends or family members in prison. Thentalk about your home’s plans for the holidays. How might you include thesereflections of Jesus in your holiday gifts, feasts, or plans?

When the church acts like Jesus, God’s love is seen clearly.
*Take a small measure of popcorn and put it in the hot air popper. Watch the popcorn pop and overflow. See this as a symbol of the way Jesus’ love pops out of our community and overflows into the world. As it pops, call out the names of people you know who help and care for others.

Watch and listen to the story Papa Panov’s Special Day. An elderly shoemaker, in despair after the loss of his family, hears the voice of Christ promising to be his guest the following day.

Print this week’s children’s activity leaflet, which includes the story “The Queen who Felt thePeople’s Love,” an activity and a craft.

During the week

Some acts of loving-kindness you might do together this week:

You gave me food when I was hungry. Matthew 25:35

*Buy some extra food for a food pantry or purchase a suspended coffee meal.

You gave me a drink when I was thirsty. Matthew 25:35

*Talk with family members about ways you might conserve water. Research clean water projects and plan ways you might support.

You welcomed me when I was a stranger. Matthew 25:35

*Research ways you might support refugees in your community and plan how you will do that.

You gave me clothes to wear when I didn’t have any. Matthew 25:36

*What might you liberate from your wardrobe? Make sure what you give is something that is something you would also wear.

You took care of me when I was sick. Matthew 25:36

*Visit someone who is in hospital, an aged care facility, or homebound. Listen and sing along to the song “Be God’s” (available here for purchase and download).

Visit Lection Connection, November 22, for current events that connect with this week’s scriptures.page2image11760

Prayer for each day

Look through a newspaper together. Find one or two stories about local needs. Cut and use during your prayer time.

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