In times together and times apart, we celebrate God’s presence in all creation,in stories of our past and dreams for the future, our despair and praying.

Central to the texts that close out the final season of the church year is the promise that the liberating spirit of God, who breathes life into all creation, remains at work. This week, we glimpse a world where all patterns of human living are grounded in the rule of love.

October 4 – Words for Living

Exodus 20:1–4, 7–9, 12–20 The book of Exodus contains many stories about the people of Israel who made the long journey from slavery in Egypt to freedom. This week’s story tells about when the people of Israel learned more about living in God’s loving ways. The church often calls these ways the Ten Commandments. Imagine a community of justice and caring shaped by wisdom and faith. The Ten Commandments are the foundation of that vision.

Read Exodus 20:1–4, 7–9, 12–20 or Listen to the audio story “A Loving Community” or gatheraround as someone tells the story “God’s Loving Way.”

Review the ten loving ways revealed in Exodus 20 – one at a time.
Protestant theologian Martin Luther (1483–1546) taught that for every negative in this list implies apositive. For example, “do not kill” implies “support the living.”
Talk together about what each loving way might look like.

Print this week’s children’s activity leaflet, which includes the story “God’s Loving Way,” a colouring page, and a craft.

Click here (then on the subject line “Ten Commandments”) to read Rabbi Adam Morris’ answer to the question, “Is there a modern way to interpret the Ten Commandments?”

Ojos de Dios are common in Mexican and Mexican-American crafts. They portray the idea of an all-knowing (wise) and all-seeing God.
Make an Ojo de Dios as a reminder about God’s wise ways. Materials and instructions are here.

During the week
Listen and sing along to the song “Be God’s” (available here for purchase and download).

Play the song throughout the week until everyone is joining in.

Visit Lection Connection and click on October 4 for current events that connect with this week’sscriptures.

Something to ponder God’s people in every age strive to understand how God’s word shapes theway we live in relationship with God and with our neighbour. The original form and Hebrew language in Exodus 20 suggest that the commandments may have been simply a list of ten words – a summary of rules for living.

  • List ten words that are life-giving or you – words that summarize your rule of life?
  • Would a list for your community be much the same or different? Why?

Prayer for each day

Based on Psalm 19, the psalm for this week.

ONE: Wherever I am and wherever I go,

ALL: I can feel and see the power of God.

ONE: In the awesomeness of galaxies,

ALL: in the amazing wonder of creation,

ONE: I can hear God’s voice.

ALL: I can feel God’s presence everywhere.

ONE:God’s teachings are priceless.

ALL: God’s words give me new life,

ONE: God cares for me more than I can ever imagine.

ALL: Thank you, God.

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