This week we start the story of Moses as time has passed and the Egyptians have long forgotten how Joseph, an Israelite, saved them  and they have now begun their oppressive exploitation of the Israelite people. Moses’ birth is a story of cunning, compassion and courage on the part of three women…the king’s daughter, Moses’ mother and Moses’ sister.
So too the other scripture passages point out how we are each called to resist injustice and to have a vital role in the realm of God being lived out on earth.

Where can we use cunning, compassion and courage in our world/community to change unjust systems?How do we oppose the dominant narrative that oppresses “the other” / ravages the economy or environment / and fosters inequality? 
Prayer: Grant us courage to live compassionately and justly. Amen
The Focus for Ages 9–11Children in this age group know how to work together to accomplish a task. They are often acutely attuned to unfairness toward any group and often protest unequal treatment. Children also know that one person’s actions may affect many people. They are beginning to exercise independence and want to make a difference in their own world.This week’s story has many layers that can engage the children in the group. They are aware of the distinctions between boys and girls and may wonder why male babies are singled out. They are group-oriented and will likely be interested in how people in this story work together to protect the Hebrew babies. Children are learning the consequences of their actions and how actions can have a long- lasting impact.Lastly, some children may have begun to study episodes of ethnic cleansing. They might connect the attempt at eliminating the Hebrew people in today’s story to later holocausts. If those connections arise, let the children talk about their feelings. Help them to understand that God calls us to work for a world in which such violence and injustice will never happen again. Pray that the children will feel empowered to make a difference in the world.