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From Corey: Tabula Rasa is one of the teaches that has touched me most as a mother. I was pregnant with Theo when I sang it with Tabula Rasa. Here are some notes on the piece and a translation

Tabula Rasa – This Latin phrase translates as “Blank Slate” in English. Composer Don Macdonald had a specific image in mind when composing this music. A quiet moment between a mother and child when the mother sees, as she has never seen, the potential of the precious life she holds in her arms. A silent acknowledgement of her child and every child as a “blank slate” with seemingly limitless potential.

Text translation:

In my arms, breathe.

Life without limits.

Light of day, dark night.

Sleep, dream, rest in safety.

With your heart, your soul, listen and know this truth:

Within you are boundless futures ,if you are given freedom;

freedom to grow,

freedom to learn,

freedom to touch ,

freedom to feel,

freedom to imagine,

freedom to love,

freedom to be loved.

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