Our scripture readings for this week are: Isaiah 6:1-8, (9-13); Psalm 138; 1 Corinthians 15:1-11; and Luke 5:1-11.
The Holy Sherlock class (grade 4-6 Sunday School) have a special announcement to make on Sunday.
Special music will be given in praise by the Youth Band and the Adult Choir.
The choir also would like you to know the following:
All God’s Creatures Want to Hear the Choir! On Sunday,  in the sanctuary immediately after the service, please stay to help the choir with an experiment. It is likely that where the choir currently sits is not the best for sound and clarity to the congregation and it is not a good position for those of us who have mobility challenges. We’re going to move the choir around to a few different places to find out where they sound best in an effort to improve their hymn leadership. We want feedback from absolutely everyone. Where do you think the choir sounds best? Are you concerned about the choir changing position? Do you feel it is a meaningful tradition? You can share your thoughts with Corey after the trial or email her at [email protected].

To say thank-you, the choir will provide yummy treats for coffee hour.

The sermon is:  “But Look How Clean Our Nets Are.”