This coming Sunday, September 30, will be very special in many ways. It will be:

  • Orange Shirt Sunday: Everyone is encouraged to wear an orange shirt or blouse in an act of solidarity with First Nations People and what they suffered and lost through their experience in Residential Schools. More information about Orange Shirt Day can be found at
  • Potato Harvest: Many St. Andrew’s folks planted potatoes in the Spring. This is the day when we bring those results of our planting back to the church. All potatoes brought back will be donated to the Thursday Night Supper and Social this fall. You are also encouraged to bring any other gifts to support this community dinner. We will have a “Grand Gardener” contest (for our Sunday School students) to find out who grew the heaviest potato.
  • Our Adult Choir has prepared a beautiful anthem called,  “Soil of God, You and I” that will feature Solos by Margaret, Erin and Lynn. 
  • Our minister, the Rev. Scott McAndless will lead us to rethink the second of the Ten Commandments and ask what it might mean to not create idols today.