Some people might have heard that there was an incident at the church yesterday. Apparently, a driver failed to set the parking brake while making a delivery involved with the road work further up Cooper St. The 5-ton truck took off, all by itself, headed down the street directly at the church building.

The very good news is that nobody was injured. It could have been a very dangerous situation.

The truck took out the metal railing and damaged the retaining wall that lead to the lower Queen Street door. The truck then hit the buttress next to that door, deflected to the west and took out a downspout and then broke one of the windows on the Fellowship room. Of course, the walkway and some of the sod were also damaged.

The Operations Committee is presently evaluating the damage. Fortunately, there is no question about who is at fault and where the liability will lie! There will likely need to be some kind of engineering evaluation in case there was any structural damage. (If anyone does have contact with a good structural engineer, please let us know.)

Things could have been much worse, so we are thankful that they were not. The entrance to that Queen Street door will have to remain closed until it can be made safe.