We are lucky to live in a land of plenty, however not all do. In Malawi people go without even the most basic of necessities. We need to reach out and send people to them, so they can be helped and put in a better place and survive.
This mission is coordinated by the PWS&D to help education development, hospital improvement, village health programs as well as HIV and AIDS programs to help inform people on the threat of this disease.
We need to raise $500 per member by mid-March 2018 to be successful in sending our congregation members. Please contact Peter Moyer, Bill Pettit, Jean Godin or Elaine Benson from the Mission and Outreach Committee for further details. Or call the church office to be put in contact with one of these people.
 For more information on the Mission, please consult http://presbyterian.ca/im/missiontrips/