The 9th Episode of the Podcast “Retelling the Bible” came out earlier today

During the first season of his podcast, storyteller, W. Scott McAndless is retelling the story of the nativity of Jesus from the Gospel of Luke, trying to help us to see some of the historical and biblical references the author is making – helping us to hear the story more as the author may have intended.

In today’s episode, the announcement of a Year of Jubilee comes to the small village of Nazareth. All males are called to return to their ancestral homes. Many of the villagers seem doubtful when they hear where this proclamation is coming from, but one young carpenter and his intended wife feel a stirring in their hearts.

Gabrielle M. guest stars in the role of Mary.

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Here is a special gift to my listeners (which you will understand after hearing today’s podcast) a cutout of Judas the Galilean to add to your Nativity Scene this year.