This is just a reminder that the book that will revolutionize your knowledge and understanding of the Bible’s story of Christmas is available now and can still be shipped before Christmas (or in the case of the ebook immediately).

Are you really going to let another Christmas go by without getting the inside scoop on the season?

The Gospel of Luke alone tells the story of the birth of Jesus set against the background of a census taken on the orders of Caesar Augustus. This historical setting has always raised serious questions: Was there ever really such a census? Why does Luke describe the census as being carried out in a manner that does not fit with what we know of Roman practices and policies?

This book struggles with questions like those in a creative way which leads to some surprising new ways to understand Luke’s timeless story of Mary and Joseph and their journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Part investigation, part exercise in creative imagination, this book will help you to see the Christmas story in a whole new way.
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