500 year ago, on the last day of October, a monk and university professor named Martin Luther set off a firestorm of change that spread through Europe. How did he do it? He did it by daring to post a bunch of radical ideas in a public place. He nailed the ideas (or theses) up to the door of a local church. We will make the five hundredth anniversary of these remarkable events in some very special ways at St. Andrew’s Hespeler Presbyterian Church this Sunday.

  • We will celebrate the baptism of a beautiful infant named Clara. It will be a celebration of God’s gift of newness to us.
  • We will enjoy some very special music from our Youth Band who will offer up “Now there is no male or female.”
  • Our men’s ensemble, Joyful Sound! will be singing “Higher Ground.”
  • The sermon, which will attempt to gather together all the various threads of celebration of the day will have the following title: