Sunday May 7, the fourth Sunday of Easter will see us gather for a celebration of God’s presence among us at 10 am in the morning at St. Andrew’s Hespeler Presbyterian Church. There are so many aspects of the service that will make it very special.

First of all, the music at this service will be a wonderful celebration of God’s presence among us will include the following:

  • A prelude and a postlude by the very gifted organist Martin Bohl
  • The adult choir will sing Jubilate, everybody – By F Dunn. They will be accompanied by Zoé McAndless on the violin.
  • A congregational favourite trio made up of David Kruger, Randy Vermaas and Corey Cotter-Linforth will sing Your Grace Amazes Me – By Christy Nokels, Daniel Carson, and Jason Ingram. Here’s a picture of the trio:

We have been focusing on the question what comes after life in this post-Easter season. This week we will turn to the dark side of the afterlife by asking the question, “What about that other place?”

Here is a short video to get you curiosity piqued: