As usual, there are lots of good reasons to be at St. Andrew’s Hespeler on a Sunday morning. October 2 will be no exception. Here are some highlights: 
  • We will be celebrating World Communion Sunday with a very special celebration of the Sacrament based on one of the most ancient written Christian liturgies ever found — from a book called The Didache or The Teaching of the Twelve. We will learn a few things about what the very first Christians believed happened when they celebrated the Lord’s Supper together.
  • The Youth Band will be playing for the first time this fall: Remembrance (The Communion Song) (Matt Maher and Matt Redman)
     Special music of the day will include: Menuet en Rondeau & Air pour Z├ęphire (Jean-Phillipe Rameau), Thy Table I Approach (Jan Bender), Let Us Break Bread Together (Arr. Carol Tornquist) and Christ is Made the Sure Foundation (Henry Purcell, Arr. Cindy Berry) 
  • We will have a chance to speed our runners and walkers who are preparing for the “Jeff-a-thon” on their way.
  • We’ll update the standings on the “Pie in the Face” race for Anniversary Sunday.
  • Our sermon will explore some alternative and additional meanings hiding in our celebration of Communion.
  • Sermon Title: