This morning, with about one month to go before the Jeff-a-thon I met with Herb Gale of Knox Church in Guelph at Crieff Hills on the site where the event will take place. It was a beautiful morning on a most beautiful site. We were going to try out the course of the Jeff-a-thon.

We started running and did a couple of laps around a bigger course than the walkathon will actually take place on

Herb set our pace (slower than I’m used to) and it was a wonderful beautiful start as the sun came up. On our first lap we scared at least three very big deer off of our path.
After about four kilometers we ran into some vagabond named Lawrence Pentalow who actually straightened us out about what the actual route will be:
After 5 kilometers, Herb said that he had done what he could do and left me. I continued (at a faster pace) for another 3.25 kilometers. It was a wonderful morning and I can’t wait to see you all at the Jeff-a-thon on October 16. The path is a joy to run though I must admit that there is a bit more up and down than I expected. (You can see the graph above.)
Remember why I am running!

(Here’s how I looked when I was done)