As usual, there are lots of good reasons to be at St. Andrew’s Hespeler on a Sunday morning. June 19 will be no exception. Here are some highlights:

  • We will, of course, be celebrating Father’s Day, praying for and seeking God’s blessings on the fathers among us and who have shaped our lives.
  • In response to the terrible hate crime perpetrated in Orlando last Sunday, we will pray and resolve to work for a better world and an end to the power of hatred for marginalized groups including LGBT people.
  • Special musical guest: Robert Dwyer.
  • Please note that, contrary to what was announced last Sunday, we will not be receiving new members this week. An important family matter for two of our candidates has meant that this will have to be postponed until June 26.
  • Our sermon, “What Jesus an “atheist” because he taught that God is Abba,” will look at the surprising things that Jesus taught about God when he called God “Abba. Turns out that abba doesn’t mean what you may think!