Alberta Fires

Alberta Fires

Responding to the Alberta Fires

Smoke fills the air as cars line up on a road in Fort McMurray, Alberta on Tuesday May 3, 2016 in this image provide by radio station CAOS91.1. At least half of the city of Fort McMurray in northern Alberta was under an evacuation notice Tuesday as a wildfire whipped by winds engulfed homes and sent ash raining down on residents. (CP)
Fort McMurray in northern Alberta under an evacuation notice Tuesday. Image provided by radio station CAOS91.1.
The PCC national office has heard from The Rev. Lisa Aide, minister at Faith Presbyterian Church in Fort McMurray (link to message). The people from the congregation have all made it safely out of the city, though they are scattered north and south. They are waiting to hear about the status of their homes, manse and the school where they worship.
Donations to support immediate relief and long-term rebuilding for people affected by the fires may be made to Presbyterian World Service & Development for “Alberta Fires”. Funds will be used in consultation with presbyteries and local congregations to support Presbyterian, ecumenical and other relief efforts. Watch for more updates at

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  • Give Online and indicate “Alberta Fires”
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  • Mail a cheques to PWS&D at 50 Wynford Dr. Toronto, ON M3C 1J7 Indicate the gift is for “Alberta Fires” on the cheque memo line.

Update from Faith Presbyterian Church in Fort McMurray

Thursday May 5, 2016
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, right now everyone is safely out of Fort McMurray, but we are scattered north and south of the city, so we’re giving thanks for social media which has been a wonderful tool to help people stay in contact. We at Faith church greatly appreciate all the prayers and support that we have received via email and text messages, it is wonderful to know that we are not alone during this time of trial. We know that at least two members have lost everything to the fire, and the rest of us are still waiting on news, one way or the other. So far the manse and the school that Faith worship at seem to be safe from the flames but we won’t know until were able to return home what is waiting for us.
We are also asking for prayer for all of the first responders and everyone else who is in the city trying to save what they can, for we know that it is going to be a hard and stressful battle, so please hold these brave men and women up in prayer, for they need it most of all.
Thank you once again for all of the prayers and the support that has been shown to the people of Fort McMurray, it means a lot to know that we are being lifted up in the prayers of God’s people. The next few months are going to be hard but we know with God’s help we grow stronger, for our city is strong and we know that we are not standing alone. If anyone would like to get in contact with me please feel free to contact me via Facebook.
Thank you once again for everything.
The Rev. Lisa Aide
Faith Presbyterian Church Fort McMurray


We are deeply saddened by the fires of Fort McMurray. We cannot begin to imagine the stress and panic that many must be feeling as they sit helplessly watching these unfolding events. We are also mindful of the exhaustion firefighters on the front lines must be feeling. Our prayers are clearly with everyone facing these challenges. May God’s strength uphold all those seeking to cope with this tragedy and may the desperately needed rains come quickly.
The Rev. Karen Horst
Moderator, 2015 General Assembly

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