Hope Clothing is a key ministry at St. Andrew’s Hespeler and a wonderful resource for our community. Open three days a week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, we are there to give out clothes, accessories and footwear to every member of the family. We carry a wide range of sizes for babies, children, men & women. If we don’t have something in stock we do our best to find whatever is needed. In the winter we have a good selection of winter coats and boots.

One of the things that makes Hope Clothing great is that it is not a work that stands alone. It is a part of a much larger circle of hope and care that provides a powerful way for us to Live in Christ and Share His Love. This circle includes:
The Thursday Night Supper and Social: From mid-October to the beginning of April, every Thursday evening, we serve a wonderful, nutritious, home made meal to anyone in the community who would like to enjoy some good food and a safe place to visit with friends. This meal helps people in our community stretch their budget while enjoying a friendly and supportive time of fellowship.
The Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank: St. Andrew’s Hespeler hosts the food bank on every second Thursday. Recently the Food Bank did a survey of its services and the Hespeler site received an extremely high rating because of the ways in which Hope Clothing and the other ministries at St. Andrew’s work in synergy with that service. Thanks to this excellent review, the Hespeler site will be receiving more resources to better meet the growing needs of our community.
A-A, Al-Anon, Al-Ateen: St. Andrew’s is the only site in Cambridge where all three groups meet together which offers another wonderful mutually supportive circle.
Cambridge and North Dumfries Counselling: Being able to provide professional counselling to those in need of it one day a week is a wonderful addition to this all-around ministry.
Hope Clothing is maintained with a minimal budget and is not directly supported from the general funds of St. Andrew’s Hespeler. We are definitely on the lookout for ways to continue to support this work, financially and otherwise, to maintain its viability into the future.

Visit standrewshespeler.ca for more information about Hope Clothing and Hespeler’s Place of New Hope and to find out how you can help to sustain it.