On Wednesday, January 13 at 7:30 pm, we will begin our study of Body, Mind and Soul – A Study Guide on Human Sexuality. This study has been published by the Life and Mission Agency (specifically Justice Ministries) and by the Church Doctrine Committee and is designed to help congregations to enter into a respectful and thoughtful conversation about what can be controversial and divisive issues in the church.

It is our hope that, as a result of this study, we may be able to respond back to the national church as they seek to find the best ways to relate to various groups in our society who may have diverse views on sexuality and sexual morality.

It is understood, going into this discussion, that we will likely not all agree about what the positions of the church ought to be in all such matters. This is okay and may even be a good thing. Diversity of opinion is an indication, after all, that people feel passionately about things that are very important.

So everyone is certainly invited to attend and participate. Materials will be provided, but if you would like to prepare for the discussions ahead of time, I would like to suggest that you download the document (using the link above) and read it. To prepare for the first discussion, I would suggest you read pages 14-37. Some copies of these pages will be available at St. Andrew’s on this coming Sunday morning.

Hope we can see you there.