Social Media Sunday (October 25, 2015) is a day for people to share what is happening in their churches on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instgram, etc. etc. etc.

We hope that on this day a lot of St. Andrew’s people will share a lot of the great things that happen at our church. But, just in case you’re not sure what to share, how about this second story in our “Stories of Hope Clothing series:

There are too many stories of bad news. There are too many stories about people putting people down, hating them or mistreating them. We need to hear this kind of story.

There are too many stories of hopelessness. We need to hear stories of hope. We need to hear about what God is doing.

So will you help us spread this story and the ones that will follow it?

If you are not sure how to share youtube videos like this one on socal media, follow this link: Stories of Hope Clothing #2 and then click on “Share” to find all kinds of sharing options. You can post to twitter, facebook, send out emails or use any number of other social media links. Let’s share the good news story.