Thank you to everyone who helped make the launch of
Place of New Hope a great success!
Thank you to everyone who brought food and worked to put on such a delicious lunch, to those who set up and cleaned up and to everyone who came.
Did you know that in Hespeler there are Youth Drop-In centres; cooking classes; breakfast clubs; Thursday Night suppers; clothing centres; food banks; ESL classes; A-A, Al-Anon, & Al-ateen groups and more?  
Working together with several local organizations and agencies to provide the best care for those in our community.

Karen, and the models in the fashion show showcasing clothing from Hope Clothing.

Who knew this guy could model?!?!

A very pretty dress found at Hope Clothing.

We host Al-ateen, Al-Anon and A-A on Friday nights.

The Y Employment services at our Launch.  They also visit most Food Bank Thursdays.

A pretty mauve dress for a little girl, available at Hope Clothing.

Another pretty dress for a young girl found at Hope Clothing.