I just wanted to let you know that there is full Sunday School this week, June 28th,  and then starting on July 5th we move to our summer schedule.  For the summer there will be no formal Sunday School.  However I have just finished putting together “Busy Boxes“.  Inside of these boxes there are lots of choices for our younger members to help them get through worship!  There is one box in the sanctuary and two boxes in the foyer.  
For children who need or would like a little more space to move around or just sprawl out the foyer might be the perfect place.  With the exception of July 5th all other Sunday services will be live fed to the foyer. This means that parents can participate in worship while giving your children the extra space they might need.  
This will give you two options for summer worshipping.  You are more than welcome to stay in the sanctuary and make use of the materials in the Busy Box (located on a table at the back of the sanctuary) there or you may join worship in the foyer.  
For foyer worship:  the Busy Boxes are on the shelf above the coat rack and bibles and hymn books are on the tea cart.

For all Busy Boxes, I just ask that you put everything back in (except for pictures or crafts that were made) and placed back in their spot for use the next Sunday.