At Sunday’s (indoor) picnic the children and young people participated in a scavenger hunt.

  This is what they found out about some members of our congregation:

1.     Who sings in the choir?  Amy, Sylvia, Shirley, Heather, Bob, Kathy, Bekah, Jean.
2.     Who helps feed many people in the community? Brenda, Helen, Jean, Shirley, Scott, Richard.
3.     Who has more than 1 brother or sister? Bekah, Jacquelyn, Leona, Scott, Lauren, Mary, Tracey, Julia, Monica, Laura.
4.     Who plays a sport? Steve, Lauren, Isabella, Carter, Olivia, Evan, Paul, Jacquelyn, Julia, Jacob, Jack.
5.     Who plays an instrument? Amy, Jacquelyn, Marsha, Carter, Mary, ZoĆ©.
6.     Who has gone on a mission trip? Joni, Gabrielle, Scott, Stan, Shirley, Jean, Alexis.
7.     Who was born before there was colour TV?  Isobel, Jean, Kathy, Shirley, Heinz, Brenda, Carol, Sylvia, George.
8.     Who likes to build and fix things? John, Tracey, Glen, Giles, Cameron, Kier, Stan, Ben.