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 $1000.00 Prize for Top Student Art Submission

February 13, 2015
by Spencer
The Hespeler Reunion Committee is very excited to announce that the Cambridge Highlands Lions Club has partnered with us in a tremendous way.  The Cambridge Highlands Lions Club has donated a $1,000.00 RESP contribution as top prize for the student submission to the “What makes Hespeler great?” Art Contest.  The Cambridge Highlands Lions Club is a small group of local men and women, who seek ways to support, promote and improve our local community.  This Top Student Prize of $1,000.00 will have an enormous impact on a student choosing to continue their education.  This is an awesome example of how the Cambridge Highlands Lions Club finds innovative ways of changing lives for the better.  What a great gesture of support and a very real way of promoting young local talent.  To learn more about the Cambridge Highlands Lions Club or to become a member I encourage you to visit their website at
Again, a great big thank you to the Cambridge Highlands Lions Club for the $1,000.00 Student Prize.
Teachers, get your students involved.  This could really change the life of one of your students.
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All Artists, All Ages and All Visual Art Forms Welcome.
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Become a member today!