Well another full day!  It is starting to feel like we don’t have enough time left to help with all that needs to be done.  We started the day at “The Miracle Store”.  After an hour I was taken to Flora House to facilitate a Leading With Care session with the staff of WICM.  Once camp started Jean, Shirley, Theresa and Joanne went to a nature centre with the children. I haven’t heard all of their stories yet, but I’m sure we will at dinner time.

That left Scott, Gabrielle, Alexis & I to stay at Flora House to continue painting.  This is quite a large undertaking!  Scott found a new skill – he can actually paint pretty well!  Gabrielle & Alexis turned out to be pretty awesome painters, too.

I am struck with how generous and welcoming and inclusive everyone is with us.  It will be hard to leave on Thursday.

Please check out Scott’s and Gabrielle’s blogs later on when they get written and posted.

~ Joni