St. Andrew’s minister, Rev. Scott McAndless, is very pleased to announce that, after working on a book for the past decade or so, he has finally finished. The book examines the story of the birth of Jesus as told in the Gospel of Luke and struggles with a number of historical puzzles that arise from it.
The book has been published under the title, “Caesar’s Census, God’s Jubilee” and we want to take this opportunity to recommend it to you. It may give you some wonderful new perspectives on the Christmas story as you look forward to  reflecting on it this year.
This is not a conservative book – not in its theology nor in its approach to the Bible – and  some may not agree with some of what it saya because of that, but it is a book that goes out of its way to try and respect the original message of the author of the Gospel of Luke and to take seriously the historical situation that Luke describes at the time of the birth of Christ. We think you will enjoy reading it.
It also includes many passages that may help you to reimagine the story in a different light based on the historical setting.
The book is available only as an ebook but you can find it at most online retailers. Here are a few links:
Smashwords: is the publisher and will offer you the book in multiple formats for reading on multiple devices)
Amazon Kindle:
Kobo Reader:
Apple iBooks (Search for the title within the app)
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·        — Telling others about this book: Text, tweet, email, post on facebook, talk to people about it, include a notice in a bulletin or newsletter. Anything you can do to let people know I would greatly appreciate.
·         Even more important, go on Amazon, Kobo or wherever you have or are willing to make an account and rate and reviewthe book. A review or two makes a big difference when people are considering buying a book. Thanks for your help!