And here, folks, are the results of the first round of voting! Thanks to everyone who participated. Three more weeks of voting to come and anything can happen!
1 vote
Where is Eden? (Divine  Geography)
0 votes
Have you ever known God?? How do we find him? Where do we find him?
8 votes
“Sometimes I wish I could be like a preacher in the movies”
5 votes
I think you should preach about what led you to this ministry
14 votes
Prove Jesus exists without using the Bible as a Reference
17 votes
Why do good things happen to bad people?
6 votes
Modern Day Prophecy
3 votes
How does God hear all our prayers?
18 votes
“Don’t look back cause you’re not going that way”
16 votes
Preach about the significance and symbolism of the numbers 3, 7, 12, 40 and how they unify the Old and New Testaments?
5 votes
1 vote
The encounter of Jesus with the woman at the well (John 4) – how does it relate to other stories in the Bible that take place at wells?
21 votes
What do I say to my Atheist friend? (Ammunition for a friendly debate)
6 votes
“Out of Egypt I have called my Son.” What role does Egypt play in the birth of Christianity?
17 votes
Depression and Anxiety: How to bring hope peace and comfort to the people we love who suffer through times of darkness.
And the winning suggestion, chosen for January 6 with 22 votes is “How can we learn to forgive others, “as the Lord has forgiven us”?”