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Hope Clothing

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We offer free clothing for all members of your family, men, women & children. We also have a selection of footwear and accessories.

We help people stretch their budget by providing free clothing, footwear and accessories for the entire family - men, women & children.

Currently, we are open to clients on Tuesdays, 9:00 - 11:30 am, Thursdays, from noon - 2:00 pm and the first Saturday of the month from 10:00 am - noon.

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The Holy Sherlocks

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For grades 4, 5, 6

Here we use the Seasons of the Spirit curriculum. This program follows the Revised Common Lectionary and as such will cover most of the Bible in a 3 year time frame. It uses a variety of learning styles and media and extends the learning experience into congregational life and worship, the home setting, and daily life. There is also a website for this program that may be accessed at home to learn more. We encourage children to bring their own Bibles because we use them regularly. The grade 4, 5, 6 class meets in Room 204.

Friends are always welcome!

The website is

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Children’s Library

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Our Children's Library is located on the second floor so that it is more accessible for our young readers. In this Library we offer a wonderful collection of books and DVD's for children up to grade 8. There is also a section of "Parental Resources" to help parents guide their children through some of life's difficulties. Our goal is to continually update and add to our existing collection. Everyone is encouraged to drop in on a regular basis to see what's new. You may sign out any of the books or DVD's and take them home to enjoy for a short period of time. Come in to sit and read for a while!

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The Divine Detectives

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For age 4 - grade 3

We use the Children & Worship curriculum which is a worship program based on the premise that all children experience God. They are able to worship God in an age appropriate way. It includes the main stories of the Old & New Testaments. Worship is the main emphasis of this program. This group meets in Room 206.

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Sunday School

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Overview of Sunday School

"Then Jesus took a small child. Jesus stood the child before the followers. Jesus held the child in his arms and said, "If a person accepts children like these in my name, then that person is also accepting me. And if a person accepts me, then that person is also accepting the God that sent me."

How we treat those from whom we can receive no status determines our heart. In Jesus' day, children were not held to be overly important in the social pecking order. In many ways, that is still true today -- notice how day-care workers and teachers are still among the lowest paid professional workers in many modern countries. So Jesus reminds his followers that the way they welcome, treat, and value children reveals a great deal about their hearts. What does it say about our own?

St. Andrew's is pleased to offer the following Sunday morning programs for our children:

  • Little Explorers: a beautiful nursery & preschool for babies and toddlers up to age 3
  • Divine Detectives for ages 4 - grade 3
  • The Holy Sherlocks for grades 4, 5, 6

All of our leaders & assistants have been screened through our Leading With Care policy.

On Communion Sundays students from grade 4 and up are invited to return to the worship service to participate in the Sacrament of Holy Communion. If parents wish their children may remain with the Divine Detectives class until the end of the service. The children who remain on the 2nd floor will participate in their own "feast".

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Little Explorers

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for babies under 3 years of age

St. Andrew's Hespeler has a wonderfully appointed Nursery/preschool room; cribs, toys and activities appropriate for our littlest members. We regularly assess the needs of the babies and families so that we can provide the safest, cleanest, most welcoming environment possible. We use a pager system so that parents can be assured that they will be called, quietly & quickly, if needed.

Nursery & Preschool care is provided from the beginning of the worship service until coffee time. We kindly ask parents to pick up their children at the beginning of coffee time so that our Nursery Staff can participate in coffee time, too.

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Adult Education

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Our studies are on hold now during Covid. We look forward to the time when we can meet again.

Most every Wednesday morning at 9:30 am a faithful group of people gather to delve into the scriptures and talk about how they may apply to their lives. Led by the minister, the group often takes a deeper look at the Biblical texts that he will be preaching on eleven days later – paying close attention to the historical context of the texts and other information our sources that may help to illuminate the texts. The conversation is always stimulating and enlightening. Everyone is able to contribute no matter how much previous study they have previously done. The hour of discussion (10-11 am) usually slips by very quickly.

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